Heart Transplant Time

I have been fighting a random cold start misfire for a while now. It comes and goes, and always fixes itself rather quickly as it begins to warm up. Or it used to anyway, it’s starting to get worse.  I’ve done compression and leak down tests and started swapping parts. Since that started getting expensive I decided just to buy a used engine. The price was far cheaper than buying all the parts individually and if it came down to it, I could swap the long block. I started by swapping the coils, injectors, cam and crank sensors. No dice. After I felt like I had exhausted all of the other options I yanked the engine out and made the swap.

The new motor looks to be in excellent shape.

New VS Old

As an added bonus I got a chance to scrub out the engine bay.

On  a side note, I forgot to order enough exhaust nuts and had to buy some locally.  Check out that price difference!

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