Ground Gears

So just after Whitey’s Triumphant return to life the final tuning started to get a bit difficult.  Originally I thought the problem was software related, but after a bit more investigation I found both the camshaft and distributor gear had significant wear to them.  Apparently my distributor extension wasn’t stable enough.  The stub shaft on the Honda distributor was just two short to keep the extension from eventually developing a wobble.  I replaced the Camshaft, and started working on other ideas.


Most of these centered around using the factory Toyota distributor and adding the 24 pulse per rev signal that it was missing.

I found a system for a Honda that added steel pins to an aluminum sprocket and used a hall effects sensor as a pick up.  My sprocket isn’t perfect, and I really miss my dividing head and end mill for things like this, but not bad for a drill press and lathe.   It may screw with the way it runs, but it should certainly be good enough to know if this style of pick up will work at all.

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