MR2 Annual Meet

For the past several weeks, in addition to working my normal job, and trying to finish Whitey, I’ve also been helping to plan an event and doing a good portion of the marketing and sponsor gathering.

To be honest by the time the day rolled around I was so tired, that I really don’t even remember much of the meet.

Whitey obviously made it, or I wouldn’t be posting this here.  Dave B actually got the pleasure of driving it out since his MR2 was down at the time of this shin dig.  I drove the Spyder, and Jamie actually brought out the 4Runner with a lot of the raffle prizes that we had secured.

If you’re counting that’s 3 out of my 4 cars on the road at once!  Remember this day, I can’t pull off those numbers too often.

If my cars aren’t exciting enough, here’s a few more from the event:

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