Cleaner, Cooler, & Just A Little Bit Brighter

While your Celica is sitting with a cracked radiator what else is there to do but take out the interior to do a deep clean.

The carpet got a good scrubbing, and the seats front and rear got a good cleaning. It doesn’t fix the ripped bolster, but at least we aren’t sitting on other peoples stains anymore.

On the cooling system it was a pretty simple out with the old aftermarket POS and in with the Denso unit that we hope is better. Fitment was good and quality was okay looking. I don’t know enough about Indonesia to know if their products are supposed to be good or bad, so we’ll just have to wait and see how this pans out.

To finish off this round we got rid of the existing mix of old halogens and dim LEDs for some Hella brand halogens that claim to be 200% brighter than standard. They are brighter, but compared to the LED’s in the 4Runner and C or even the Raybrig housings in the Hachi there is still something lacking. We aren’t done with this one yet, but at least we are making progress.

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