This blog is about the cars. While they are intermingled with my life in a pretty major way, every once and a while something happens that I can’t really tie to a car.  Sure sometimes that something is an event that I can snap a photo of one of the kids in the parking lot and sneak it in here that way, but sometimes that event is just a phone call.

Friday April 5th 2019

What a phone call it was.  We came back from the last trip thinking things were going to be okay.  So much so that I dropped the Hachi off at the paint shop, and made plans to put it and the Camry in another show.  Well here we are fresh out of the body shop ( a bit premature mind you) and trying to get through traffic so we can drop it off at home and head back out to Nebraska in the 4Runner.

After dropping the Hachi off at home we finished packing the 4Runner and headed east.  We stopped briefly at the Jackson Rancheria Casino for a bite to eat and some gas and then drove on.

Saturday April 6th 2019

We tried to stop and sleep for a bit but that was pretty useless.  Despite being up since 4am on Friday for work I wasn’t going to be able to relax enough to sleep anywhere so we ended up driving through the night.  Trading driving duties back and forth.  Sometime around 7 AM we stopped off the side of the road to clean up a bit.

We had an early lunch at the Rock Springs Jimmy Johns, and made it to the Ogallala Runza just in time for dinner.

I snapped a few random photos along the way trying to occupy my mind in between naps.  I guess it worked we had managed to drive right around 1400 miles since midnight to arrive at my Grandma’s house by 11pm.

Sunday April 7th 2019

While we were welcome, the place wasn’t very welcoming yet. We ended up packing our things up the following morning before heading off to the hospital.

We spent the majority of the day in the Hospital listening to my dad bitch that “He just wanted to go home”.   Not much that could be done over the weekend so he was stuck for the day at least.

We did run to Runza (yes there is a theme here)  for lunch and decided to try out their advertising claim of “Makes It All better” by bringing lunch back to the hospital for my parents as well.

After a quick dinner with mom we headed off to the Fairfield Inn to finally get a good nights sleep.  I was so excited that I couldn’t stop taking photos!

Monday April 8th 2019

Pops got delivered via ambulance to Grandmas house.  I wish I would have had a camera in my hand, but I was a bit pre-occupied trying to make space and get things ready for him and get the cable and internet sorted out.  We spent the day with him other than a quick run to Walmart to grab a TV and Google Home to help make things a bit more comfortable.

Tuesday April 9th 2019

Big day on Tuesday.  While Jamie was getting ready I ran by Lake Zorinsky to scout it out a bit for some morning photos.  Nothing spectacular came of it, so when I got to Grandma’s, I took a walk around the yard and snapped a couple of photos there. Pepperjax was the dinner stop of the day on the way back to the hotel.

Wednesday April 10th 2019

Today I got up a little earlier and headed back out to the lake while Jamie was getting ready.  While I cut things short yesterday, today I was planning to shoot.  I got a few photos in when I got a call that we needed to leave for Grandma’s house NOW.

It was a long day that ended with Farmer Browns as a consolation prize.

Thursday April 11th 2019

From Winchell’s to Jimmy Johns to Godfathers, oh yeah and a few stop in between.

A couple of those stops were Midwest Minor Medical and Ortho Nebraska.  Why you ask?  Oh my mom tripped over the broken pavement in the parking lot at the funeral home and dislocated a couple of fingers, tore some ligaments, you know the normal.

Friday April 12th 2019

Flowers are coming in, we finally took a moment to get cleaned up after more than a month with out a hair cut and we eat at PepperJax.  The rest of the day was tied up doing funeral prep including Jamie scanning a WHOLE lot of family photos in to the PC.

Saturday April 13th 2019

I started the day off with a return to Zorinsky Lake.  The rest of the day was spent scanning photos, working on funeral arrangements, and cleaning up the house.

Sunday April 14th 2019

This whole not sleeping thing is starting work out for me.  Another nice morning at the lake. A fella could get used to starting his day off this way.

Today’s “new food stop” was Village Inn.  I’m not normally a breakfast food person, but the multigrain banana nut pancakes are always good.  In other news, we moved out of the hotel and finally have Grandma’s house cleaned up enough to move back in.

Monday April 15th 2019

Pretty much says it all.  That was our Monday.  We followed up the funeral with some driving around Omaha and a couple of stops at some local parks.







Tuesday April 16th 2019

It started off running some errands for Jamie while I wondered around some place they call an outdoor mall snapping a few photos along the way.

We ended the day in Omaha’s Old Market area snapping some photos around sunset.

April 17th through the 21st 2019

Food and photos.  We added my old favorite Blimpie location to our Omaha list, and gave Canes a try for the first time.  We spend a bit of time at the OPPD Arboretum, and of course Grandma’s yard.

Otherwise we were taking care of family business and Jamie was busy scanning the remaining photo albums in to the PC before family members started scattering grandma and grandpas photo collection too far away.

Monday April 22th 2019

Today was the day we said goodbye and headed for home.  We left pops with his new TV for the time being and headed snapping a blanket of clouds in Nebraska and hitting The Great Salt Lake just in time for some sunset shots.

Tuesday April 23rd 2019

A Utah sunrise, a sub, and a fucking 30 day notice on our door when we got home.  No we didn’t forget to pay the bill.  The Jackasses we have been “sharing” the property here with are finally trying to finish pushing us out.  Guess we better start packing.



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