That’s Not My Bag Baby

More trip planning and more changes.  Shortly after we picked up the truck we stopped by Cabela’s and grabbed a bag for a tool kit.  After all everyone should have a roadside repair kit right?  Eventually the tool kit was expanded and this bag became the recovery/towing bag. Besides weighing in at 45 lbs it was too tall to fit under the rear most section of the bed.

As part of the trip planning we have been trying to find more elegant storage solutions with out a complete vehicle tear up.  Since our “bed accessories” bag was small enough to fit under the rear section of the bed we headed over to Harbor Freight to grab a few more and split up the recovery gear into a more manageable size.

I don’t don’t know if these bags could come close to holding all 45lbs of crap on their own, but divided up it worked out great. In fact there is enough space left that I think I’m going to get one or two more for other gear.

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