Wire You Plugin Away

Spark plug wires seem like such a simple item. Somehow though almost every aftermarket replacement wire just doesn’t quite fit right.  I snapped some comparison pics when I did this upgrade on the Hachi showing what I’m talking about.

Jamie recently took advantage of the BrandonMost5 discount code at Lithia Toyota and ordered a set of the TRD wires to address the fitment problem that the FX has had since day one.

While these wires have the perfect fit to the plug and the distance between the plug and valve cover, they aren’t the perfect length for the FX engine.  The left side photo above shows the FX in the condition we got it in.  The right side shows a random shot of the Hachi’s engine bay.  A keen eye will notice the transverse mount engine in the FX (and MR2’s for that matter) has a distributor cap with a different shape for added clearance.  These wires are technically AE86 wires and while the fit is perfect in that application they are a smidge long with the FX style distributor cap.  A little creative routing is all that’s needed to fix that.  As a bonus the coil wire does fit the FX. I don’t believe it will work on the MR2’s however.  Maybe more than you wanted to know, maybe not.  Either way now you know!

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