Spring Time

After taking the truck on an extended test drive to work the other day something was pretty quickly apparent.  While the previous OME 890 springs were still holding their own they weren’t holding the bumper weight so well.

Up until me adding more weight than the “medium duty” springs could handle I was very happy with the OME springs.  It only made sense to just switch up to the “heavy duty” version.  The only problem was buying springs based only on terms like that.

I am a little more accustom to shopping by actual spring rates than vague terms.  Luckily  ARB USA was super quick to send me the above information which made me a lot more comfortable pulling the trigger on the new ones.

Install should have been something I could have measured in minutes, but then ….

… I got to drill out a lower shock bolt.  It wasn’t terrible to do, but I was surprised to have to do it. It doubled my time to almost and hour and a half to swap the springs, but in the end that’s not bad for a much better driving truck.

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