Car Week 2018

Tuesday August 21st 2018

My car week started with Concourse On the Avenue.  Since the Camry and Corolla were scheduled to be on display the following day, and the truck is still under construction, the Hi C was up.  Okay it didn’t really have to do much other than hold a little bit of Camera gear and be easy to pick out of a crowd.  It did both well.

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Wednesday August 22nd 2018

Wednesday was The Little Car Show, and was covered in the last post.

Thursday August 23rd 2018

After The Little Car Show, both cars made the 165 mile drive back home We arrived just in time to crash, and wake up way to early to start over again. We left in the Camry around 4:30am so I could drop Jamie off in San Jose for work, and then make it down in time to catch the start of the Tour d’Elegance. After the tour kick off I headed over to Carmel to catch the cars as they came in for lunch.

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I didn’t wait for the cars to leave however.  I needed to drive back and pick up Jamie in San Jose and then head over to Gilroy since that was the closest hotel we could find that was even close to affordable.

Friday August 24th 2018

Legends Of The Autobahn was the first stop on Friday.  I’m not a German car owner, and I am not even close to an expert on them.  That’s what makes this the best place to see them.  You get the best of the  best with none of that filler material.

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The only marquee missing from the Legends show is of course Porsche.  Team Porsche wanted to do their own things and went off to start the Werks Reunion event.  It would have been great if they wouldn’t have scheduled it at a competitive time. Between that and needing to park way down the road to avoid the cash only $20 parking charge we didn’t have a lot of time to spend here.

More from the Werks Reunion Coming Soon

Saturday August 25th 2018

How do you stand out in the parking lot of one of the most prestigious Italian Car gatherings during car week?  You rock the 80’s mobile! Sure we weren’t going to compete in dollar amounts but maybe we could give some of the cars at the Concorso Italiano a run for their money in rarity.  Maybe.

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After a long day at the Concorso we had one more stop to make.  I had heard rumors that Infiniti had done a vintage Japanese display at Pebble Beach, but I didn’t see it on Thursday when I was there, and had to go back to check it out.

The display was actually better than I expected.  Featuring some of the more “common” rare Japanese cars, and a few I have never seen in person.  I’ve reached out to a few of the participating museums and Infiniti’s marketing department, but I haven’t been able to speak with anyone about participating in the event next year.  We’ll see what happens between now and then though.

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Wrap up

Saturday was actually our last day of car week.  As much fun as I’ve had at Laguna Seca in the past shooting the historics, I wasn’t able to find a way to park in a decent spot to be able to make the event.  I called them earlier in the week to see what options were but they told me regardless of money general parking in the middle of the dirt field was the only option.  That wouldn’t be so bad if the Camry had more than 3″ of ground clearance to the transmission pan.  Or if we didn’t have thousand of dollars worth of camera gear and computers that we either have to drag with us or trust will still be in the car when we return.

Other than missing out on the Historics the week was pretty awesome.  The Camry did well and made it to every event with out a hiccup.  Glad to know all of the recent changes haven’t hurt its ability to be a daily driver.  Although it may need a brake upgrade before putting it in daily duties any time soon.

An entertaining week to say the least

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