Zing Zing Zing Went The Bearings

The Camry came back from the first couple of shows with some new noises.  Some of which were now fixed with the timing belt job. Some others that were about to be addressed.

Apparently my aggressive cleaning of the engine bay and front suspension forced some water inside the wheel bearings, which is ultimately what took them out.  With 140k miles on it, I’m sure they were close to needing replaced already, which is why I wasn’t super concerned about being careful around them when I did the pressure washing to start with.

The first test drive was great, and the car was quieter than it ever has been.  Until the AC started making noise.  The front bearing had probably been one of the noise I had been hearing, but unrecognizable until the rest were silent.  Other than the local auto parts store selling me the wrong bearing and needing to remove one from a new AC compressor we had on hand for Red, this was a pretty easy fix.  At least now were ready for Car Week.

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