Daily Drivers Need Love Too

With all the attention the Camry has been getting lately, the daily was feeling a little neglected.

At the very least it needed a good detail.

I had such good luck with the Chemical Guys Jet Seal last time that I knew I wanted to re-use the product again this time.  First A a little clay bar and a mild buff in a couple of spots was needed though.

While we were at it, I wanted to try my hand and being a wrapper.  I started off trying with the headlights using a tinted film I had picked up off of Amazon Japan.  Well I failed.  It probably would have worked well on a narrow or flatter light.  I just couldn’t get the stretch needed to make it work.

One of the other wrap projects I’ve had sitting around for a while was a roll of fake carbon fiber.  It was cheap and I figured it might come in handy.  And it did.

The black center section of the bumper was looking pretty hammered from rock chips, so this was a good way to cover it up, and personally test out the longevity of vinyl wrap for myself.

It took two tries, to make it look this good, and it still far from perfect.  I’m starting to get the hang of things though.  Now I just need to see how it holds up on a daily basis to know if I would go this route again.

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