Radwood 2018

The Road To Radwood:

The days leading up to the event were more than a bit hectic.  The Friday prior was a 14 hour day in 105 degree shop finishing up the Camry.  We started off with a quick alignment testing out the new hub stands. The test drive from that showed that we now (or maybe still) had a power steering leak on the pressure side hose.  While we waited for that to show up we did the wheel well cleanse and the rest of the detail.  It was a long day that ended with us only each driving the car around 4 miles each of testing time prior to leaving for the event on Sunday morning. Wait what about Saturday?  Saturday happened to the Custom Capital show in Prunedale. I hadn’t missed one yet, and I didn’t plan to now.  The Camry isn’t perfect just yet, but it made it to Radwood with out incident.


We ended up arriving around 7:30 and were some of the first to arrive with many more rad rides to follow.  Both cars drew quite a bit of attention throughout the day, but the Camry may have gotten the edge here.  We heard comments from “this is the car I learned to drive on”, to “what is this? I’ve never seen one of these”.  I’ll let you guess the age that goes with each comment!  The cars were parked back to back with Jamie and I setting up camp in between.

As much fun as it is to show off your own cars, I don’t just go to show my own cars.  I go to see other peoples.  Walking in to this show I thought I was happy with my collection, but Radwood was a great reminder of all those cars that I forgot I wanted.  So many of these cars just aren’t seeing love in the media, and seem to get buried at other shows, but these are the cars I want to see again.

My photos don’t even scratch the surface of the level of cool at the show. So many cars came and went before I even had a chance to grab a photo.

And it couldn’t be an 80’s and 90’s show with out some special photographs.  I’ve still got a roll of 35mm film that I need to finish off and see how it came out, but not all film needs all that fancy develop time.  In addition to the car prep, I did a little bit of camera prep as well and picked up a trio of 80’s and 90’s era Polaroid cameras.

The film packs are a bit pricey at around $20 for an 8 exposure pack, but the look is timeless.

Additional Coverage:

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