Wait, You Want Me To Give A 34 Year Old A Sponge Bath?

The Camry has been washed, and it’s had the equivalent of  the $49.95 detail package done, and even been cleaned and waxed, but it’s never been detailed for a show.  At least not since I’ve owned it.

First thing was first.  Finish cleaning the wheels wells.  The Chemical Guys Signature Series Orange Degreaser is seriously my new best friend when it comes to cleaning these 80’s rides.  Almost every ounce of grime and grease just slips right off with a mild scrubbing, and I don’t see traces of paint color coming with it.  I can not recommend this stuff enough.

The front wheel wells did have a bit of staining when everything was said and done, but maybe after a few more cleanings we can get everything off.  Either way with 34 years between cleanings, we are well down the path in the right direction now.

I hit the car with the Chemical Guys V34 Optical Grade Hybrid Polish and finished it off with some Butter Wet Wax.

You’ll have to wait for the Radwood photo set to see the final outcome however.  I’m not quite ready to show it all of just yet!  You will notice a lot of “character” was able to be buffed away.

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