Screwed Again

The other day we had just gotten on the freeway for work when the low tire warning light came on … again.  Again we got off the next exit and headed for home.  I didn’t stop to check the tires, because well they were pretty well worn and we already had replacements sitting at home anyway.


By the time we made it back the tire had dropped down to 5 psi and the sidewall had at the very least been compromised.






Apparently this little guy let out a lot of air in a hurry.





We ended up driving the truck for a couple of day to make sure we could do our part in keeping the companies involved with providing us petrol well off, and finally got a chance to take the wheels off the C in on Saturday to be mounted.

I was originally going to test out a new place on an extra set of Aeronautics that I have up for sale first.  The bad timing meant I would have to use the Sparco’s as a guinea pigs now as well.


I haven’t had the best luck in the past having tires mounted by cheap and expensive shops alike, but Dixon Tire and Wheel did an awesome job the price was very reasonable, and nothing appears to have been damaged!  I actually took photos of the wheels front and back before hand just in case, but there wasn’t a need.  WHEW!  Best of all I have a new place that I think I can trust now!



The Hi C is once again the happy commuter car with a fresh set of Toyo Tires Extensa HP II to keep the shinny side up!

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