Karmecca 2018

Karmecca year one.  I didn’t really know much about this show when I signed up, so we didn’t really know what to expect.  The roll in process went smoothly, and we were actually parked and ready to show well before the event start time.

The venue, wasn’t so much a venue as the underside of a freeway overpass.  Most outdoor shows means a day baking in the sun with a lot of blown out photos from cloudless skies.  Being in this parking area under the overpass made available shade all day as well as some cool architectural backgrounds in the photos.  All and all a cool spot.

Since we were in Sacramento rather than the Bay Area we got to see quite a few cars we hadn’t seen before, and everything in attendance was pretty high quality. All of the owners and attendees that we chatted with were all cool people.  I finally got to put some faces with some instagram names as well.

Like most import shows the judging area seemed to be the area that caused the most drama.  While I didn’t really expect to bring home any hardware at a show like this it did seem like judging may have been a bit biased.  Cars that never had the hood open or even windows down through the whole show were chosen over cars that did.  How can a car that’s locked up tight be judged? Yeah this might be why there seemed to be some confusion after the awards were handed out.

All that aside, for a first year event things started off better than a lot of other several years in.  More photos of the Hachi are above, and more from the event in general are below.

Full Photo Set

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