Brace Yo Self

Final Cusco brace is in!

It looks simple enough to put in right?  Well it’s not bad, but there are a couple of things you should know:

  • Both front wheels need to be off the ground.  You are removing the bolts that hold the lower A arms in place, and bad things will happen if you undo those with the suspension loaded.
  • The space between the bolt on the passengers side and the oil pan is very narrow.  You aren’t going to fit your standard socket and ratchet combo in here, and there is a lip on the factory cross member that makes using a wrench not likely. It might be easier to unbolt the lower torque mount and flex the engine out of the way.
  • I found it easier to completely remove the A arm bolt on the driver side. Rather than try to slip this side in first.
  • Start with the front passengers side bolt.  The tight clearance means the brace has to sort of twist into place.  I had to break the bolt loose, slide the brace in, then unscrew the bolt and slip the brace behind it.

The factory under cover does fit with a minor amount of trimming.  The two rear most tabs will run into the brace if you don’t trim around 1/4-1/2″ off where it passes by the brace.


Oh and if you’re wondering how the bottom of the car stays so clean:

Here’s your answer!

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