Pacific Coast Dream Machines 2018

When I was thinking about what shows to do this year I thought back to last years events.  I remember Dream Machines being a bit warm.  I also remember it being kinda long. So this year we decided to take the truck as well as the Hachi.  The 4Runner has a fridge, a bed, and most of the creature comforts we need on the road.  Certainly enough for a day at the air port.

We had a pleasant traffic less drive out to Half Moon Bay.

Once there we had a bit of a disagreement about parking, but I eventually got both vehicles parked next to each other.

Once the truck was set up, I spent a little bit of time snapping some photos of some of the other Dream Machines before the gates officially opened. Last year I was shooting for Fuel Curve, and I wasn’t able to hang out with the car very much.  This year I wanted to spend a bit more time with the cars. The Hachi got quite a bit of attention, and the 4Runner did as well.  I’ll be honest as much as I like the truck, it doesn’t always get a lot of love from “car people”.  Sure the off road community gets it, but those aren’t always the guys that show up at car shows. I wasn’t really sure how well it would be received, and I was pleasantly surprised that it got just as much if not more attention than the Hachi.  If it wasn’t so much damn work to clean up, I would threaten to take it out to more events.  Until then, here’s the rest of the Dream Machines in attendance, or at least the ones that grabbed my attention:



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