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Over the time I’ve owned the 4Runner, we have used a variety of options to get us where we are going. We started with a Garmin Nuvi something or other that we picked up to do the Grand Canyon Trip years ago. As cell phones got smarter we added a phone into the mix, and started using that quite a bit.  The problem with a phone is that you don’t always have service.  A couple years ago we upgraded our Garmin with a newer model. Then last year we added the DeLorme In Reach Explorer.  I actually picked it up more for the communication ability than the “GPS”, but the maps and tracking are a huge added bonus.  I used the app last year on my phone, but we still primarily used the GPS, and actual paper maps.

As I was going through old photos putting this site together and looking at the geotags I realized how often we got so close to some cool shit without knowing it.  More information was a must.  We could always have a map out, but who’s going to follow along on a paper map?

Enter the Lenovo Tab 4 Plus.  I settled on the 8″ version.  Between the cost and windshield real estate it seems like the best bet.  Speaking of the windshield, I wasn’t really sure how to mount the new tablet.  I settled on a generic mount as a starting point.  So far it’s been flawless, but I haven’t tried it truly off road just yet.  Unfortunately this years trip was postponed and we haven’t really gotten a chance to field test the new set up yet, but this set up looks very promising.

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