Not In The Face!

Nobody likes to take it in the face, and the Hi C is no exception. Unfortunately there was a bit of an incident:

Luckily my dash cam came to the rescue big time.  On the way to work one morning when some debris blew out of the truck in front of us.  Normally you would either have to live with the damage, or claim it on your insurance because calling the company would most likely result in the question of “how do you know it came from our truck”.  And funny story, that’s the exact question I got when I talked with the company’s insurance agent.  When my answer was “I watched it fly out of the back of the truck, and you can clearly see it in my dash cam video”.  There really isn’t any valid argument that they can offer in return.   Because of this the entire process of getting paid was pretty painless.

So how much damage could a little debris really cause?  About $1500 worth apparently.   It just might be possible that Tangerine Splash Pearl wasn’t quite the best choice for a daily driver… who knew?  Luckily Dings and Dents/The Great Auto Paint was able to pull the dent and reshoot the bumper and hood to make it look like it never happened.

A few pics of the damage:

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