Is the Hi C a Hot Import at Night?

I had known that HIN San Jose was coming up, and I had already confirmed a media pass to cover the show for both Bay Area Auto Scene and Fuel Curve.  The problem was to really cover the show you need to do more than give it the “one lens walk around”.  I emailed the folks at HIN and asked if they had room for the Hachi as a non competitive car so I could have my gear inside.   Of course they said no.  I ended up saying screw it and registering the Prius.  At least I knew I wouldn’t be worried about it getting damaged on the way to or from the show, and hey you never know HIN didn’t even appear to judge the 86 last year, maybe the Hi C is more their thing!

We didn’t come home with any hardware, and while there were a few Anti-Priats, for the most part people were cool and either got a laugh out of my custom license plates, or at least commented that it didn’t really look like a Prius.


Shitty quality, but it is a pretty severe crop shop with a Ultra Wide Angle lens from across the parking lot in the dark! I just had to get some proof that the Hi C does in fact grab attention even when surrounded by some pretty highly modified cars!


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