Pacific Coast Dream Machines 2017

I’ve been to a lot automotive events, and let me tell you this isn’t one of them.  The Dream Machines show is really so much more.  They have vintage war birds flying overhead, hit and miss motor displays, motorcycle stunt shows, chassis dyno’s, plenty of vendors, live music, and probably a lot of other things I’m forgetting to mention.

I had already decided to do the show when the folks over at Fuel Curve asked if I wanted to cover the event.  Since I was running around most of the day trying to shoot things for their site I didn’t spend as much time with the car as I normally would.

I left Jamie on guard and question answering duty.  Occasionally stopping back by to talk with a few people, change lenses, or to get off my feet for a minute.  This is why every photo of the Hachi is from right around our chair position. lol

I never know what to expect bringing the car out to shows that are largely domestic in nature, but I have to say it was pretty well received.

The FX came out as a support vehicle but got stuck on parking lot duty.  Luckily it had a nice little DA Integra to keep it company for the day.

As for my coverage of the rest of the show, well here it is.

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