Alarming upgrade

With as much driving as we are doing in the Camry and the future upgrades planned there are two things that have to happen.  One we have to protect the car, and two we have to get some key less entry on this thing.  Remembering to lock 4 doors every time you get out is just ridiculous.

I’ve been using Avital and Clifford alarms for years, and while I was a bigger fan of their units before the DEI buy out years ago, the new stuff still works pretty well. Enter the Avital 3100LX. A fairly simple alarm, but it does the job, and just as importantly drives the relays that run the added door lock actuators!

I didn’t take any photos of the door lock install, or much of the alarm install, but I did snap a few of the soldering processes I use since that seems to be one of the bigger issues people have.

For wires that I am tapping into I start by unpinning them from the connector. This will allow me to use heat shrink over the joint rather than tape. I like to keep the joint itself small and tidy. A good pair of strippers and a decent soldering gun are pretty crucial for this.

For larger gauge wiring and making an interrupted wiring connection I use the following method.  I start by blending the wires together.  Then using a spare wire strand or two to tighten up the bundle before soldering.  Oh and don’t forget the heat shrink or you’re going to have to unpin it to add it.

Anyway there’s my tips for doing a clean installation doing a job like this.

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