Shukai 2016

I’ve been to Shukai as a spectator in the past but this usually its been a quick trip in and out do to conflicting events of some form or another.

This time showing a car and shooting pics for Bay Area Auto Scene wasn’t enough.  I decided to that Auto Scene should sponsor a sorta peoples choice award.  This meant getting the car there and parked quickly so I could shoot some photos to post for the peoples choice portion of things.

Luckily the Shukai staff got me parked pretty quick and in a premium spot no less so I could start snapping.

While I was around the Corolla I got to meet a few new people and of course talked to a few people I hadn’t seen in a while as well.

No new awards from this one, but then I really just wanted to snap photos of the car in San Jose Japantown so mission accomplished!

A few photos stolen from the Stancenation Coverage:

And of course a few more of my own from the rest of the event can be found in my Automotive Collection.

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