It’s So Ugly It has to be Good!

“It’s so ugly, it has to be good.”  Yep that’s how I sold Jamie on the idea of going to look at the Camry. The thought was that nobody would try to sell a car that awkward looking if it didn’t run really well.

It’s no secret that I regularly search Craigslist for pre 90’s Toyotas.  The difference is this time we REALLY did NEED another car! The reality is that having multiple cars doesn’t mean you always have multiple options on what to drive.  It does often mean that you have let your daily driver go in need of a repair long that you should have because your project was “almost done”.  “Red” isn’t t up and running yet, the FX still needs some final touches, the Lexus project has been waiting on the FX, and the 4Runner’s random cold misfire is getting worse.  Soooo you go look at a $1200 car that promises to run well.

It runs well enough, just a little floaty on some blown shocks, and the AC doesn’t work, but otherwise everything seems okay.  We brought the car home for the low low price of $1000 even.

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