Didn’t You Buy Some Panasport Wheels?

Yes, yes I did buy some wheels back on the 7th.  When we first mounted the tires we couldn’t get them to balance out.  When I got back to San Jose I stopped by Rennwerks (on the 8th) and dropped them off to be balanced.  I got a call soon after telling me that they couldn’t balance them because they were bent:

Since there seems to be some difference of opinion on what “bent” means I decided to get a concrete number.

The problem is even with a concrete number I couldn’t get a number out of Panasport as to what they should be.  I found a blurb in a GM service manual that the axial run out of an aluminum wheel should be no more than 0.030″.  Well these were at 0.041″, 0.052″, 0.053″, and 0.066″.  When I set up one of the Work Equips as a control to make sure the issue wasn’t in the wheel bearings it measured out at 0.003″.  I guess now I try to find someone who can fix them or try to get my money back on them.  I paid top price for them expecting a nice set of wheels.  So far these need to be both refinished and straightened.

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