86 Fest 2016 At Auto Club Speedway in Fontana CA

If you haven’t read about the days leading up to the 86 Fest, you may have missed that I had very little sleep leading up to to this day.  So little in fact that I think 3 was the magic number of hours I actually got to sleep before heading out to this event.

We had dropped the Hachi off earlier in the day and headed back to the hotel to get cleaned up ourselves, so 86 Fest was in full swing by the time we arrived back.  Other than it being a bit warm this was actually a really cool event.

The AE86 is a pretty versatile car, and this event takes advantage of that.  It’s not just a show, its not just an autocross, it’s got a bit of everything.  If you need parts you can shop, if you have the right parts, you can race.  However you enjoy your 86, you can pretty much do it here.

Sadly I didn’t actually make it out to watch any of the racing or the auto crossing.  I was so sleep deprived at this point that I didn’t really even remember my own name.  I think the fact that I wondered around the show and chatted with people at all is pretty amazing.

I am quickly learning that I am either going to be able to cover a show or participate in it.  Not both.  I did manage to make it out of the Toyo Booth a few times to snap some pics of some of the stuff going on:

To end the show we got to swap the AE86’s shoes one more time.  I didn’t want to drive around on the unbalanced Panasports, so Vim’s SSR’s went on one more time for the drive home.

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