Lets Make This A Daily Already.

A few things needed to happen to take this from “project car” to daily driver.  One was to get the old crappy tires off of it.  Since the Panasport wheels are in pretty rough shape we decided to freshen them up before putting new tires on them.  In the mean time, the FX is going to be borrowing the MR2 Spyder Wheels that belong to Red.


One of the other things that needed to happen was to address a little fueling issue.  While it runs good most of the time, it was getting a little lean on the top end.  I made this little thing to the left which gave us the ability to manipulate the signal between the ECT sensor and the ECU.  When the ECU thinks the coolant is cooler it runs the mixture richer.  It also often advances the ignition timing, but I can’t confirm this is the case here.


Originally the plan was to just find a sweet spot and maybe solder in a resistor.  Unfortunately we needed a bit more tuning ability than that.  While this worked like a champ at higher loads, it was too rich under light throttle and cruise condition.

The solution was this simple box.  Since the ECU has an unused output designed to trigger the TVIS butterflies, I re-routed that to trigger the relay.  When the relay is activated it re-routes the signal through the potentiometer.  While this isn’t the perfect way to tune something, it’s cheap and effective.

If you want to build your own these are the parts you need:

If you need help with wiring, shoot me a message and I will update this with a diagram.

For now, I have to start thinking about making some new exhaust to fix where this one burnt through!



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