Wekfest San Jose 2016

Wekfest San Jose, This was a couple weeks ago and a lot has happened since then so lets see what I can remember.

“Wekfest Prep” consisted mostly of getting the fuel out of the tank to keep the fire marshal happy. I disconnected the fuel line at the filter and just jumpered the fuel pump until I got a few gallons out.

I’ve been at Wekfest the past 3 years in one way or another as a photographer, but this was my first year competing for anything.

The good thing about WekFest is the show is huge and you get to meet a lot of new people and have the chance to check out a lot of other peoples rides.

The bad part is it’s so big that they seemed to have squeezed the cars in a bit tight.  Tight parking always makes me nervous, but when I see lot of people with keys clipped to their belts walking between cars that are overly close together its a sure sign of trouble.  If nobody came out of the show without damage I would be surprised.

The other fact I wasn’t aware of is the style in which they judge the cars.  Most shows that I have been to have a score sheet of some sort to be able to make sure the judges keep their personal opinions out of it as much as possible.  WekFest is just the opposite however. This was basically up to a single judges opinion, so be sure and be nice to the judges if you ever want to enter your car in this one!

The final thought on this is that it is almost impossible to show a car and be around to answer questions about it and meet people as well as cover a show as a photographer.  If anyone else has any tricks for this, let me know I would like to hear them!

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