Mechanics Special

Do to some recent circumstances that I won’t get into here, we were in need of another car.  It needed to be cost effective, but I also wanted it to be fun.  This wasn’t for me and some other people can be rather picky when it comes to economical transportation.

When I found this “Mechanic’s Special” on Craigslist, Jamie wasn’t exactly sold on the idea. It obviously wasn’t in mint condition, and to top it off it didn’t really run right.  A couple of emails exchanged told us that basically they tried to rebuild the engine, but something didn’t quite work out.

To say it smoked would be an understatement.  Only coal power could give it a run for its money in the smoke department.  Still it ran well enough for Jamie to leave a trail around the block and drive it up on the trailer!  There’s something to be said for a vehicle that can at least drag itself on a trailer.

The drive to get the car was an all day affair that took us out to Penn Valley.

By the time we got back there wasn’t much time to do anything  else but unload it off the trailer.  So that’s what we did. Then I took that picture and returned the trailer.  We’ll have more tomorrow.


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