New Techno Toy Tuning Suspension

To say I hated the Megan Racing Coilovers under the car would be a severe understatement.  The only reason it took me so long (6 months) to replace them is the lack of “easy” options for the Corolla.  While I was turned on to T3 from the very beginning, I was a bit reluctant to purchase a set up.  I was really looking for a full set up single manufacturer.   In my past experience I’ve had better luck with a matched set of coilovers from a quality company than most of the spring and shock combos offered.  So I wasted a few months pursuing that option first.

I first tried TEIN’s Custom Dampner Program.  They quoted me somewhere in the low $4000 range plus I had to find OEM strut housings for them to start with.  Not a complete deal breaker but a bit more than I wanted to spend to say the least.  Either way I was going to need a set of stock strut housing so I started the search for a pair.

About this time APEXi Japan posted a set of custom coilovers they did for a customer.  Problem solved! … Nope!  APEXi Japan kindly referred me to APEXi USA who managed to ignore several emails before deciding to go to DM on Instagram.  There we accomplished a few question and answeres before they dropped off the planet.  Back to TEIN we go.

I sent an email to TEIN’s sponsorship program, and it seemed like we were getting somewhere after a few emails were traded.  Then suddenly with only a couple of questions left like “rough idea on time frame” my emails went unanswered.  I waited a week and tried again.  No answer.  In a last ditch effort I made a phone call and left a message.  No response.

So back to bug Gabe at T3 I went.  I was running out of time before Toyotafest and really wanted to drive the car down but really didn’t want to do it on the Megan junk.  After a few more emails and phone call I finally gave him some money.

A couple days later I had a trunk full of parts.  Whew!

Megan Racing Coilovers at my current adjustment vs the Swift rear spring with the T3 10mm spacer.

I started with the rear since it is not only far easier than the front, but it was also the half bothered me more than anything.


Swift spring with T3 10mm Spacer

I bit more tire tuck than I would have liked with the T3 Set up.  I knew they offered a 20mm option as well, but my math said I would need closer to a 30mm spacer so I had to get creative.

Megan Adjuster with the Swift spring.

I ended up temporarily re-installing part of the Megan height adjuster with the Swift Spring until I can custom make something or adapt a pair of 20mm T3 Spacers to stack with the 10mm.  Either way It was enough to set the car at my desired height for now.

Time to move on to the front.

Stock-ish strut housings

I had found a set of stock housings on craigslist while I was doing the deal with TEIN so I was good to go.

First step was to remove the inserts currently installed.

Hey Tokico’s.  To bad I have no use for them.

Some aircraft stripper to find the stock metal under all that paint.


don’t forget to brush!
A much more manageable place to start


No more spring mounts

Next step was to start cutting off the spring mounts.  I used the band saw to get to the point above before going to the angle grinder to smooth things out a bit.

A quick strut spacer was next so I could do a mock up on the stock length housing.

too much strut!

After another phone call with T3 we decided on a 30mm cut out of the housing to move the the short stroke strut into the proper range for the spring height.  (roughly set by a comparison measurement to the Megans)

Time to mark and cut
glad to have a band saw handy


The cut offs were then chucked in the lathe to leave me a nice chamfer to weld in.
Time to do some welding.

I did the spring perch strut tube and the brake line tabs (from T3 as well) all at the same time and didn’t stop to take many pics.

Next I made some braces.
and then welded them in
Final mock up


after sand blasting and painting.


So all that was left was the install.

Finished Front
Temporarily Finished Rear


So the results?  After driving the car about 900 miles over the weekend going to and from Long Beach for Toyotafest I am overall happy.  The drive down in the rain on the 101 was uneventful with the car soaking up the normal freeway expansions and bumps fairly well.  Driving around Torrance with 2 people did offer some rubbing, but that should be solved by moving the ride height up a bit since it has settled.   The way home up Hwy 1 was where it really had a chance to shine.   It handled the corners as fast as the traffic would allow me to push it and kept traction over the uneven surface just like a street car should.  Overall a perfect suspension for the average public road.  I don’t think it would pass the grandma test and I can’t push beyond the legal speed limits on some of San Jose’s Baja course recreations they call roads, but then I can’t do that safely in anything other than my 4Runner either.

Mission accomplished.   Thanks again Techno Toy Tuning for all the help with this part of the car.  I will be ordering more soon!

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