Mirror Mirror

You might remember a couple of months ago that I got a new rear view mirror in another order.  I would have put it in sooner, but it didn’t quite match.

I should probably just be happy a new mirror was still available from Toyota. Through superseded part numbers and changes over the years the mirror design has changed slightly adding embossed part numbers, but most disappointing was Eeyore grey was the only color option left.

After carefully masking the glass I used a combination of Burgundy and Cordovan Brown SEM interior paint to try and match the original color as close as possible.  It’s about as close as I could come without needing my own paint mixer.

Since the original is so sun baked, it’s hard to tell exactly what color it was 30 years ago.  Just the fact that the new one isn’t cracked around the edge or loosing its reflective coating around the perimeter is a huge plus.


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