The Purchase — 2000 Toyota 4Runner

July 2008, when the 4Runner first came home with me. Pictured with its paint twin and my daily driver IS300 at the time.

It is a 2000 Toyota 4Runner with the Highlander package. Rear locker, and factory (OMG Ford SUV’s were flipping over factory low sitting springs.)  I purposely sought out the 2000 model year.  2000 is the final year of the cable operated throttle body.  The 2000 non limited models still had the full manual transfer case, but had the updated body.  It was the best mix of simple mechanics with the newest look possible.

It had around 112k miles on it (from memory) and while it wasn’t perfect, the problems were limited to minor cosmetic issues inside. Things like a worn steering wheel and broken center console lid were simple and cheap to fix so these were the first things I did to fix it up.

The 4Runner is stock right now, picked up a week ago, and have only had a chance to clean it, and do some mild maintenance things. I purchased it mainly for the ability to haul things, both inside and on a car trailer, so it will probably never see a lift or too much off road fun, but if anyone in the so cal area is going on some easy trails, I would love to give it a shot, feel free to PM me.

First few mods will be some things to help the gas millage w/ it, and of course pick up a few horse power. I’ll post a bit more when i have some more time to start playing w/ it.

That was part of my first post In early August of 08. What a liar I turned out to be.

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